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    The Best Used Car Dealer In Silverthorne, Co

    Are you looking for a reliable and trusted used car dealer near you? Well then you can say that Red Mountain Autos is the Best Used Car Dealer In Silverthorne, Co

    Red Mountain Autos is also your #1 source for buying a quality pre-owned vehicle.

    Planning to change your car with a newer model? Is it time for an upgrade or simply searching for the best used car in town? Are you seeking Used Cars near me? Look no further as we at Red Mountain Autos got you covered!


    Red Mountain Autos is the best used car dealer near you with the best offers covering a full spectrum of budget. From the economy to splurge! We have tailored deals for your choosing. If you want to upgrade your station wagon with an SUV, buying your son his first set of wheels or just out to get a workhorse sedan, we got it all! SUVs, Trucks, Sedans, Coupes, and even Convertibles! All under one roof!

    We deal in a variety of vehicles and have several payment options for your ease and convenience. Drop by to take a look at the collection of mint condition used cars suiting your needs. Have something in mind? Take a look, or if you’re unsure, let our experienced staff help find you the next used car as per your need!


    You can even apply online on our official website!


    That’s right! We have a vast collection of cars that you can search by make and type or even your price range. Search by name, make, color, date, model,transmission type, drive train, and also price range!


    Every category of car that suits your need is categorized for ease of search and a quick match for your requirement.  Just type in the keywords and chose from the slew of cars available at Red Mountain Autos. Confused with the number of choices available? Just contact us and book a test drive or have a look. If you are short on time, you can even search the car of your choice, select a payment option online and also apply for credit online to be verified for the payment before you reach our store.


    A little tight on budget, you can look at our economy category that will get you the best deal in town for your money’s worth!

    A little low on cash? You can opt for our flexible credit payment plan. Our the super efficient and friendly staff is always available for your guidance helping you choose from a slew of payment options available, made even more comfortable as per your needs. Years of experience in the Used Car Dealership makes all our verification and payment processes streamlined for our ease and convenience.

    Check our nearest store in your proximity and drop by for a look. But your time Is valuable to us – take a look at the options available online. Get a quotation for the car of your choice, find availability before you pay a visit for a test drive, or even apply for credit online. It doesn’t get easier than this!

    Save More at Red Mountain Autos with our limited time offers and sale deals.

    You can stay worry free when it comes to quality, that’s the Red Mountain Autos promise!       We handpick our cars, so you don’t have to worry about it when buying or searching for a used car near you!

    Our experts look into each detail from legal and registration-related matters to all technical aspects.

    We check each vehicle in detail when it’s brought in Red Mountain Autos,starting from its exterior to its interior and what’s under the hood to make sure that your new vehicle is mechanically sound and aesthetically appealing!


    It’s a used car, but for you, we make the New Car Experience a reality at Red Mountain Autos!

    So when you step into Red Mountain Autos, our employees ensure you find your perfect match every time!

    How about scheduling a test drive for your next car? You can have a look at and drive the vehicle of your choice to see how it looks, drives, and feels. A complete history of the available car will put your mind at ease regarding any further queries you have.


    Red Mountain Autos is a years-old Used Car dealership in silverthorne co that also provides the option to exchange your car for one of your choice!


    Just drive in with your used car, get it checked by our expert staff, get a quotation, and start looking for the next car you want to drive out with!

    Our staff will make sure that you get the best quotation for your old car and get the best deal for your new one!

    So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment online! Take a look at our website or just drop by our store for a memorable experience!

    Red Mountain Autos is the best used car dealer in silverthorne co, but we are so much more!

    With a wide array of Automobile service starting from regular services like Oil Change to brakes and even Car Transmission Repair Service!

    It doesn’t stop at just driving away with your new automobile. We at Red Mountain Autos work endlessly to provide you added quality services.

    Is your Oil Change due? Don’t know when it is due? Don’t know which lube to use for your automobile? And don’t have the time to look for another service station? Just drop by Red Mountain Autos for a quick, reliable and quality service and oil change in a jiffy! Our Express Oil Change will have you out in no time.


    Equipped with state of the art equipment for a speedy oil change, quality lubes including synthetic and engine oil filters for each bracket of engine mileage.

    Red Mountain Autos is the Best Express Oil Change near you.

    Our expert mechanics recommend the best Engine oil for your car as we believe in the longevity of your car’s engine!

    That right, our experienced mechanics will use only the best engine oil that is required for your car according to the climatic conditions, driving conditions, and your engine’s mileage!

    What’s more? Avail the perks of being a regular customer or if you have bought a used car from Red Mountain Autos, you can enjoy express Oil Change Coupons. You can get a free oil change for the next time and get added services as well.  With frequent giveaways and the best deals in town, we make auto maintenance a blissful experience of our valued regular customers!

    Red Mountain Autos is to be your one time stop for it all!


    You’ll never have to worry about your periodic maintenance again, as we cover all types of Auto Services in Silverthorne CO! Your going car’s engine is serviced in strictly controlled conditions with care. Our employees have years of experience and if you’re looking for Auto Services near me, Red Mountain autos is the right choice for you right now.

    We also keep a track of vehicle’s service record so you can be reminded on time when your next oil change is due. That’s right, we know that in your busy schedule it is hard to remember when to get an oil change, and we know how annoying it is when you car stops functioning during a busy day as your service is way overdue!


    Our Expert Auto mechanics will take care of your car and get your work done on priority to put you back on the road ASAP. You don’t have to look for Auto Service Stations anymore as Red Mountain your Autos will be your one time all maintenance car related!

    Here at Red Mountain Autos, we understand that looking or separate expert mechanics for Auto Suspension, Engine Tuning, Wheel Balancing, Spare parts replacement & Electric issues.


    You don’t have to make a Pit Stop for everything separately!


    We know your time is valuable! If you have got other plans for the weekend and want to get your car fixed at the same time, call for an appointment and get a slot to have your car fixed, maintained and ready to go when you need it!


    So drop your asset with Red Mountain Autos and carry on with your weekend plans or wait comfortably in your lounge while we make your car as good as new!

    Our employees work endlessly to address all Auto Maintenance issues you are facing or even unaware of!


    That’s right, using state of the art diagnostic equipment, we ensure that no box is left unchecked before you leave our store. An automatic diagnostic is followed by a detailed manual checkup of all the mentioned problems.


    Here at Red Mountain Autos, we put quality as our first priority ensuring your vehicles, you and your family’s safety!


    Is you brake service due and you are wondering where to get it from? You should come straight to Red Mountain autos. With our staff expertise, we service your brakes to ensure the highest standard of road worthiness and safety so you can drive out of Red Mountain Autos worry-free. If you need to replace your brakes, flush and replace brake oil, service your brake discs or replace your brake cylinder or brake oil, we got you covered! Using the best available spares for your vehicle, we replace your brake pads and discs with the highest quality spares (OEM or better brands of your choice) guaranteed to last you longer. If you are fed up with spending money on brake adjustments regularly you can save a hefty amount on your regular brake service with our Break Coupons for our regular customers. Get your brakes fixed once and have them serviced free for the next few times. Here at Red Mountain Autos we strictly recommend getting brakes regularly serviced and checked by a well-reputed and reliable Auto mechanic and we ensure that your vehicle’s brakes are checked in detail and serviced to last.

    So if you are looking for Cheap Break Service Near me, Red Mountain Autos is the place to



    Wait, there’s more!


    Having transmission issues or transmission service is due?

    We have that too!

    We know how annoying drive train and transmission issues can be. Our technical expertise and advance equipment will have your car’s transmission running smoothly like butter!

    Our mechanics have expertise in both manual and automatic transmission maintenance and service.

    So if your transmission oil, gearbox oil or other drive train related issues give you any problem, just drop by and have our experts take a look at your car.

    Engine Oil, Transmission and auto services all under one roof! If you are unaware of the technical working of your new car, don’t know how much an engine oil change will cost, when it is due or when the next car maintenance service is to be scheduled,
    Red Mountain Autos is your one-stop answer.


    Our dedicated employees will not only guide you and explain you the process of maintenance with a cost break down, but also ensure the fastest service, with the lowest price in town, guaranteed!


    Here at Red Mountain Autos, from the moment your car enters the store, our employees look forward to giving you the best customer experience.

    So if you are thinking of Buying a Used Car, looking for the best Used Car Dealership near you, just want a quick Oil Change near me, looking for Auto Services nearby or even advanced auto services, Red Mountain Autos is your one-stop for it all!

    Drop by for the best auto experience and become part of the Red Mountain Autos family!

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